Racing oils: engine oils


Need to perform for 24hours endurance at a dazzling speed? SYNTURO RACING 10W60 engine oil is especially formulated to ensure maximum protection and increased horsepower to high-tech performance engines, working under the most extreme racing conditions. This full synthetic racing oil reduces the internal frictional losses to a minimum, providing an exceptional power output, unavailable in any other oil. The premium polymer and additive system controls internal temperature and viscosity for long term durability. Thanks to the excellent anti-wear additives, long term top level performance is assured!


Imagine the "explosive" power needed by high-tech drag racing engines to reach the finish within a few spectacular seconds! SUNOCO's ENERGY RACING 20W50 engine oil is the top quality, high viscosity racing fluid, providing the instant horsepower which is vital for such performances. It assures a "wet" start and maintains high oil pressure despite high operating temperatures, providing maximum horsepower and protection to the engine working at the highest rpm's. This superb oil is especially designed for racing engines under extreme pressure and to resist breakdown from contamination by special "explosive" racing fuels.


Specially designed for racing vehicles fueled with nitromethane. Contains antiwear and special extreme pressure additives to help protecting the engines in the extremely hostile applications. The high dispersancy helps to withstand the high levels of fuel dilution that inevitably occur. Engines for Top Fuel Dragsters, Top Fuel Funny Car classes and other demanding applications of the type, were never intended to be subjected to the high cylinder pressure and exteme bearing loads created by nitromethane fuels. Conventional engine oils prove to be inadequate in these applications. In fact, bearing surface areas, originally designed to carry loads of several hundred horsepower, may carry loads of several thousands of horsepower! SUNOCO NITRO+ 70 is the proven Race Winner for nitromethane powered vehicles, the perfect solution for the racing professional!


Competing each other in heavy-weight machines such as tractors and trucks goes far beyond all imagination. These giants of the racing circuit certainly need horsepower like no other! SUNOCO HITRAC 10W40 is the oil to protect these "monster" engines during their battles. This premium quality synthetic blend engine oil reduces the internal friction to a minimum and provides the exceptional power output needed. The stability of the oil film, the resistance against shear and the ever perfect fluidity make this oil the ultimate heavy-weight engine protector for a lifetime!


From start to finish, motorbike pilots ride their bikes at daggers drawn and maximum is demanded constantly from both rider and machine! SUNOCO's 4T GP COMPETITION engine oil is designed for 4 stroke motorbikes, racing at the highest competition level. This fully synthetic engine oil offers unmatched power, protection and flexibility to the high-tech engines in the circuit. Coming out of curves, full power is needed to overtake opponents at full speed, ensuring victory. Unseen power,... SUNOCO power!


Struggling for an hour through a pile of mud or dust at 30°C or more, may undoubtedly be considered as "extreme" racing conditions! Motor cross pilots know all about it. But next to their talent and skill, unmatched horspower is needed to jump smoothly from one impediment to another, leaving all opponents behind. SUNOCO 2T MX COMPETITION provides this power to take these impediments and competitors without any problems. To exclude air pollution, special oil additives avoid smoke exhaust. This fully synthetic 2 stroke engine oil is top quality, especially formulated to ensure maximum protection in all weather and terrain conditions. An engine oil you and the environment can rely on!


Top pilots often started their career by racing the smallest type of racing: karting. But also in this discipline, all ingredients of "mature" racing are indisputably present: skill, speed, performance, power and of course the reliability of the machine... SUNOCO's 2T KART is especially designed to fulfill these needs. This upper tier full synthetic 2 stroke engine oil with excellent detergency properties provides the power and protection required for high rpm go-kart racing. Next to the "low smoke" properties, selected additives improve lubrication, while anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives improve the already high thermal stability. No deposits nor air pollution is to be expected when applying this superb oil!


2T SNOW COMPETITION is SUNOCO's full synthetic 2 stroke snowmobile racing oil, providing exceptional lubrication and horsepower at extreme cold winter temperatures. Next to minimizing internal friction, this formula also reduces visible smoke by 50%, meaning less smoke at start-up and while racing at top level. Next to additives that fight corrosion, varnish and wear, special additives help maintain flow and prevent "gelling" in sub-freezing conditions, making 2T SNOW COMPETITION the perfect snowmobile racing oil.


We are all aware that water is most crucial for all life on earth. It is obvious that, during motorized events on this precious water, all environmental risks should be banned. In cases where higher spilling risks appear, such as during powerboat- or jetski racing, the use of SUNOCO 2T ECO is thus highly recommended. Besides the ultimate power and protection this premium quality oil provides to the engine, absolute protection of the environment is guaranteed. This full synthetic high biodegradable 2 stroke engine oil can be used for both air- and water cooled engines performing at the highest level.